Glenfiddich IPA Cask Experimental Series Review

gfdob.non43Now we are on to something. Today’s look at Glenfiddich IPA Cask Experimental Series is the 3rd and last in our brief beer cask finished whisk(e)y series, and as it so happens, this one was far and away our favorite. We tried two stout finished whiskies to start off, (here and here) and while I really wanted the Jameson Stout to work, it sadly did not. One would think that stout would make a fantastic flavor, and it very well may be that some producer has done this or will, but our taste buds were instead seduced with an IPA finished scotch, of all things. And when you think about it, why wouldn’t IPA flavors properly augment the already dependable Glenfiddich malt? You can take that one to the bank, cash it and buy me something nice with it.

IPA freaks are like peat freaks: they’re insufferable and no one likes to hear them talk. And whilst my love for those styles soars above the clouds, that love is not certainly not exclusive to them. I enjoy a good stout or ale or lager as much as a good IPA, but my oh my a well made IPA is simply wonderful. And I think Glenfiddich bottled something quite nice here to satisfy a group of highly skeptical whisky snobs. On to some particulars…

Glenfiddich’s malt master Brian Kinsman partnered with Speyside brewer Seb Jones, loaning Glenfiddich American Oak casks to age an IPA made with Challenger hops for 4 weeks. After emptying, these casks were again used to finish non age stated Glenfiddich for an additional 12 weeks. The resulting 43% ABV whisky contained just the right citrusy floral notes desired after much experimentation. Let’s see what we thought…

SWC Review

Nose- Light ale. Brown sugar and almonds. Malty, zesty and bright. Citrus peel and floral. Pine sol like. Green apple. Definitely getting the IPA hop feel here but still some light sweetness to balance it out.

Taste- Almost smokey. Creamy with oak. Grapefruit. Acidic notes. Tulips. Pineapple.

Finish- Medium to long. Dark chocolate. Orange peel, sweet tobacco. Cocoa.

Comment- Very nice. Good flavors from two styles that seem to marry well. Recommended.

SWC Rating – 85/100

*Tasted Blind

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