Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition Review

irish_jam49We continue onward and upward through our beer soaked whiskey odyssey to Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition. Next review will be our favorite of that particular tasting theme mentioned in last week’s review, but today’s will be ranked somewhere in the middle in terms of what we liked best. A number of us greatly enjoy stout, myself especially, and it seems to fit beautifully that the world’s best known stout, Guinness, and world’s best known Irish whiskey, Jameson, both hail from Danny Boy’s home country. It seems that today’s bottle attempts to capitalize on that particularly sanctified marriage of styles but only with a stout from a nearby brewery on Cork, Franciscan Well. Onto some particulars…

Franciscan Well Brewmaster Shane Long in actuality aged his stouts in barrels on loan from Jameson’s stocks and then returned them to age standard cask strength 3 year old Jameson for an additional 6 months of finishing. 3.500 bottled were initially produced. Fast forward to 2019, Jameson now uses Eight Degrees Brewing for this cute little experiment. Let’s see if they fared better than last week’s attempt…

SWC Review

Nose- Popcorn with some buttery Irish barley notes. Iodine and honey. Classic awful Jameson underneath we all know and love. Young and metallic. Light with citrus. Some funk.

Taste- Lemon cake with same old Irish whiskey flavor. Barley bread. Like a boilermaker, only it’s mostly water.

Finish- Short with some citrus and grassy notes.

Comment- Great whiskey to get plastered with in March. Not really getting the stout flavor flourishes with this one. While there weren’t any real off notes, it’s still probably a pass.

SWC Rating- 72/100

*Tasted Bind

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3 thoughts on “Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition Review

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  1. I enjoyed this one a little more than you all did, but it doesn’t approach an 80 score for me either. If you want to see this experiment done well, Westland’s most recent cask exchange is pretty awesome. Not sure if it’s sold out yet or not.


    1. I’m willing to go back to this. I read a number of reviews that seemed to like this very much taste wise. I would like to taste what they tasted but it didn’t work out this time I suppose.


      1. Hey, I could be wrong, or it could be the weather, wrong palate cleanser, etc. Whiskey is a moving target sometimes, even with the same taster and the same bottle.


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