Recommended Resources

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Davin de Kergommeaux’s

A leading authority on Canadian whisky and its distilling history. In fact, no other author, commentator, or blogger I know of comes close. Canadian Whisky’s arrow is pointing up, and in our humble yet deadly accurate opinion, there is a lot to learn from this site in regards to this lovely and misunderstood style. He’s much like Jim Murray in that he basically likes everything, but hey, he’s still useful.

Mark Gillespie’s WhiskyCast

Mark produces the top whisky podcast in the world and has been doing it for a long time. A great source for news and views on the entire whisky industry plus whisky reviews, interviews, and a growing community of resources to peruse for the whisky geek in you.

Ralfy’s Whisky Reviews

The original. Lots of copy cats, but no one gets close to this guy. Ralfy pioneered video whisky reviews on YouTube and continues to regularly produce to this day. He is a reliable, fiercely independent commentator and valuable source of information that has yet to be replicated elsewhere by anyone. He’s unorthodox and quite odd, and therefore not boring as living hell like most other video reviewers.

The Chuck Cowdery Blog

One of the best commentators on American whiskey and pretty much whiskey in general. He has published the best books on Bourbon currently available and remains not just an authority, but a frequent dispenser of that authority on numerous publications. His best writing appears on his blog, which also happens to display the three required points of emphasis if you want to be a respected whisky writer: he writes better than you, he knows exactly what he is taking about, and most importantly, doesn’t give a gold plated shit what you think.

Dave Broom’s

Dave Broom is my favorite whisky writer. He was there at the beginning for me and I have been following his insights ever since. He must have perceived the industry change from primarily print to the online world, and so was born. It is a one stop place for all things Scotch whisky, and should be frequently visited by those who want to learn.

Whisky Magazine Reviews

Whisky Mag was where it all started for me. I pored over hundreds of the reviews on this index like a sponge. Good reviews are a good thing, and having a helpful index of opinions is a great way to start weeding your way through what a whisky can offer. A lot of big names review for Whisky Mag, if that means anything to you at all. If not, then fine.


Jim’s Favorite Whisky Blogs

Malt Review

Sku’s Recent Eats

Diving for Pearls

Chemistry of the Cocktail

Jason’s Scotch Whisky Reviews

K&L Wines Spirits Journal

My Annoying Opinions

Whisky Fun


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