About Us

Our Story and Club Philosophy

The Spokane Whiskey Club was formed in May of 2012 by four friends who had a mutual interest in the world of whiskey and a novel idea to form a club around it. We decided that it would be beneficial to expand and develop this hobby by getting together once a month to sample a number of different whiskies from various styles. This setting enabled us to better pull out the subtle qualities of the spirit, share insights and build our skills in evaluating these selections.

We are essentially a private club and have capped the membership at eight. Some clubs number fifty plus, however, we feel that a small number is more conducive to quality contributions and debate among the members during the monthly meetings. We do not openly advertise for new members nor do we charge dues, since we are not a club for profit, however we regularly invite guests. The SWC has always been about enjoyment of whiskey and social camaraderie, not about some founder’s ego, whisky industry access or money.

Click here to read a feature the Spokesman Review newspaper wrote on our club.

Our Blog Philosophy

The SWC blog is not traditional and its purpose is quite simple. It is a showcase of our reviews and insights on the many whiskey bottlings readily available to the average consumer. We will offer opinions on the whisky world and provide personal touches when they are worth it, but we do not want to waste your time with trivial and empty posts. Our reviews are devoid of subjective ramblings wherever possible since they are generally helpful only to the reviewer.

There are plenty of blogs out there that appeal to the experienced connoisseur. However, we choose to keep it simple and speak to the beginner because that’s where the fun is: turning new people on to what should be a noble and satisfying hobby. We welcome feedback from the salty veterans of fine drinking, but they are notoriously hard to please and annoy the hell out of us anyway.

The beginner is seeking advice on what is in their glass, and we hope to be useful in this way.

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Contact us at SpokaneWhiskey@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “About Us

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  1. I have an 1943 bottle of Old Lewis Hunter whiskey, 1 pint, unopened, in excellent condition I am looking to sell. I was hoping someone in your club may want it.
    I have several pictures I can send showing the bottle marks and the unopened condition as well as seals in unbroken condition. My Name is Dustin Kingston, 509-599-0169.


  2. Do you take request? I was just given a bottle of Old Tahoe Rye by the president of the company. He’s an engaging guy and he sure make it sound like his Rye is the best around. i certainly liked it, but I’m wondering what a group of independents might think.


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