Lagavulin 8 Years Old Review

It’s almost like I’ve gone whisky meta. Or perhaps whisky transcendent is a better descriptor of my ambivalence towards whatever marketing trope a group comes up with in order to release a new whisky. I don’t know that anyone is bothered when Joe Schmo Distillery releases a new 8 year old bottling for no other... Continue Reading →


Dalwhinnie 15 Year Old Review

Dalwhinnie’s story is a common one. The majority of their malt production is reserved for a blend, namely Black & White, while a portion is bottled as a standalone single malt. The recently reviewed bottlings from Royal Lochnagar, Aberfeldy have similar arrangements. While sampling component malts of major Scotch blends isn’t exactly a favorite hobby... Continue Reading →

Cadenhead’s Royal Lochnagar 18 Small Batch

Continuing our treasured practice of reviewing bottles you will probably never find ever, we continue with an even more rare and hard to find specimen in Cadenhead’s Royal Lochnagar 18. Owned by J.A. Mitchell and Co., Cadenhead's is the oldest independent bottler in existence and specializes in single cask malt whiskies without chill-filtration or coloring.... Continue Reading →

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