GlenDronach 15 Years Old Revival Review

Revival. Like at a Baptist revival tent, but not really. I am trying to come up with a provocative intro, and it is not working. What else is new? But seriously, GlenDronach is a significant Scotch whisky. But it was not always so. Popular in the 60s but only as a contribution to Teacher’s, the distillery was mothballed eventually in 1996. A bright, shining light named Billy Walker bought the distillery in 2002 with the aim of revitalizing the brand. They instituted select operational changes in order to jump start the line and came up with a new make especially fortified to handle significant sherry finishing. In fact, Walker’s group would age the new make for 5 years in ex-bourbon and age the remaining years in a mixture of oloroso and PX casks. What comes next is a sherry bomb with flavor nuance. It’s a beautiful thing.

GlenDronach 15 Revival is slow distilled with little reflux. Some sulphur notes showed up in bottles in past years, but that may finally be eradicated. New owner Brown Forman bottles the 15 at 46% ABV, and continues to proclaim Revival on the label. It makes sense, the 15 was even missing from the lineup from 2015 to 2020, only to come back again. I don’t think it is an empty marketing ploy. And coming from me, I don’t make that statement lightly.


SWC Review

Nose- Big sherried fruit. Jolly Rancher. Sugary plums. Syrupy. Sherry jam. Marmalade and toffee. Dark chocolate. Tobacco.

Taste- Candied tangerine. Vanilla and soft caramel candy. Buttery and wonderful.

Finish- Long. Fruity and long. Tangy. Bitter flourishes and oak char.

Comment- A lot distilleries bottle a sherried malt. Not all of them do it well. These folks do. I hope this Revival continues to convert.

Rating – 89/100

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