Tamdhu Batch Strength 2nd Edition Review

tamob.non1 (002)Not too much, but I worry a little when we feature malts created solely for use in blends. With exceptions, generally speaking, these bottles have a small share of the malt market, and Google is less than generous in sending us visitors from the world wide web to our appraisals. Every now and then we uncover a gem, however, and today’s selection of Tamdhu Batch Strength fits nicely into that category. You should trust us more. We do the hard work of the whisky world and you, all of eight of you, get to behold the fruits of our searchings.

Tamdhu’s distillates are sent to Famous Grouse, J&B, Dunhill and Cutty Sark as a component in their blends. After being closed down in 2010 by then owner Edrington Group, their now owner Ian Macleod Distillers renewed production in 2013, which nicely explains their abundant NAS expressions, as very young whiskies (around 5 years old) are included in their bottlings. For the whisky geeks out there, Tamdhu Distillery still employs use of a Saladin box, a device used in the process of malting by raising barely from the bottom to the top through the use of screws along a long rectangular “box.” Today we look at Batch Strength, an NAS expression aged completely in American/European oak that previously held sherry. That’s 100% sherry cask aging, for those of you keeping score. First fill casks are heavily used along with no coloring or chill filtration. This second 2017 edition of the Batch Strength line is bottled at 58.5% ABV. On to it….

SWC Review

Nose- Sweet and rich with clean sherry raisins. Vanilla and toffee. Green apple botanicals and pine needles. Barley flourishes. Luscious.

Taste- Floral with light honey bread and dark fruit. Raisins and soft grain notes. Sweet.

Finish- Medium length. Lingers with light tobacco, sweet red apple and leather.

Comment- Clean and full, handles its ABV very well. The panel generally liked it and probably pursue a bottle. Good stuff.

SWC Rating- 86/100

*Tasted Blind

Agree? Disagree? Keep in mind that we know dangerous people.


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