The Sexton Single Malt Irish Whiskey Review

irish_sex1Here’s how you know if the whiskey blogger you are reading has nothing unique or interesting to say about Irish whiskey: they begin their review with the oft repeated, vomit inducing lede, “Irish whiskey is on the rise” or, the ever blood curdling opener, “Irish whiskey is in the midst of a comeback.” I’m not getting cocky, though, I think I may have started a review or two with those little chestnuts. Keep that hypocrisy in mind. But I will never again utter these rookie words because I remember seeing recently a graphic in some whiskey mag showing all of the new distilleries that have popped up on Ireland not named Midleton, Bushmills, or Cooley. There are close to 30 now. Yeah, Irish whiskey is “on the rise.” It’s been around for quite some time.

We, the brave SWC, have long secured our street cred in Irish whiskey as we have regularly tasted and reviewed this stuff since the good ole days. We’re almost hipster that way. But before we get to those bottlings released by folks other than the Big Three, we will look at a new brand but a brand that bottles whiskey distilled by someone else. Today we look at The Sexton Single Malt Irish Whiskey. On to some particulars.

The Sexton is owned by Proximo, and as it so happens, the same owner of Bushmills. The precise source of Sexton’s stuff is not disclosed, but I will give you three guess, and the first two don’t count, as to who makes it. It rhymes with Cush Bills. The Sexton is a 100% malted barley single malt, triple distilled, as is the Irish way, in copper pot stills. This is an NAS bottling, but is most likely aged 4 years and finished in refill oloroso sherry casks. The resulting malt is bottled at 40% ABV. On to it….

SWC Review

Nose- Ale. Sourdough bread with honey. Toffee and toasted sugar. Sherry and cereal. Confection. Lavender. Fig. Sweetens with time. Not bad.

Taste- Honey, grass, almonds, toffee. Cough syrup. Dry martini.

Finish- Short. Honey bread. Sugared pastry. Some sourness.

Comment- Nice surprise. Would fare better with more ABV. Some rough spots with some cool things going and we love the price point.

SWC Rating- 81/100

Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments section below and tell us how Irish Whiskey is on the rise.


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