Red Spot 15 Years Old Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey Review

irish_red17Long ago in a land far away I heard on Whisky Cast that Irish Distillers was reviving the Spot line, an old brand of Irish whiskies sold in the shops of Mitchel & Son in Dublin, Ireland. I faintly remember a guest of Mark Gillespie, the host, explaining that barrels aging the single pot still style Irish whiskies could be identified based on splotches of paint on the heads of the barrels. A blue spot marked barrels to be bottled at 7 years, green for 10, yellow for 12, and finally, red for 15 years old. I’ve been waiting since then to try them all, but so far have sampled only Green and Yellow, both of which I like very much. So, when our resident rich dentist sauntered into a meeting with a bottle of newly released Red Spot in his hand he procured in Ireland, I couldn’t resist the romantic sentiment of it all and gladly accepted a tipple. I also pulled out my notepad since it would be great for the website. I know, I know.

The spot line has already played around with some exotic wine finishing, and since those efforts worked to immense benefit, Red Spot is no exception as the 15 year old Single Pot Still style Irish whiskey has spent time in ex-bourbon, oloroso sherry butts, and finally marsala-seasoned casks that once held the fortified wine. The resulting Midleton produced spirit is bottled at 46% ABV and without chill filtration. Spot on, there.

SWC Review

Nose- Raisins, apricot and dried cherries. Biscuity with fresh wood. Anise and light vanilla. Overall bright fruit notes with nice cereal undertones. Soft and delicate but some depth of flavor.

Taste- Apricot with some chocolate. Toasted almond. Raspberry. Metallic and coppery somewhat, but still quite tasty.

Finish- Medium to long. Riesen candy soaked in sherry wine. Nice.

Comment- Well worth the wait. Has some weight to it but also a delicate approach. Most liked how the wine finishing did not overpower. Its strength is its subtlety. Will run you about $130 but don’t let that stop you. Just get your rich dentist friend to buy it.

SWC Rating- 89/100

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