Yellow Spot Irish Whiskey Review

 A luxurious, full bodied Irish whiskey is a beautiful thing. This may sound like a dumb thing to write, any full bodied whisky is a good thing, but what if your local shelf has little to offer? In the case of Irish whiskey, this is my reality. Having already the reputation as a lighter style, Irish whiskey should have a bit more pride to offer. Spirits bottled on that little green isle used to be the biggest in the world. In fact, the Irish may well have INVENTED drinkable distillate for Christopher Hitchens sake. Or perhaps we suffer what the Canadians currently make us suffer with, namely that they keep the best stuff to themselves and give us the flavored, watered down swill (don’t get your feelings hurt, we like some of it). In the case of today’s selection, Yellow Spot Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey, we in the US finally get a glimpse of how far this category can go into the realm of glory. On to some particulars, pay attention now…

I will save the story on how the “Spot” line came to be for the Green Spot review (the more well known “Spot”), except to say that this bottling only previously was made available exclusively for Mitchell & Son, a wine & spirit merchant located in Dublin. Yellow Spot is triple distilled at Midleton Distillery and is comprised of three separate maturations: bourbon cask, sherry cask, and uniquely, the Malaga cask. Malaga is a sweet wine from Spain that uses the lovely Pedro Ximenez grape. Please note that these are not late finishings, Yellow Spot is aged for a full 12 years in these casks (percentage in each is unknown). The result is a non chill-filtered bottling at 46% ABV with only 500 cases released annually. Friends, it’s a beautiful thing. You understand, don’t you?

SWC Group Review

Nose- Floral at first with some straw, grassy like feel. With time comes the sweetness: toffee, honey and even a nice cinnamon roll note. Sweet, big cereal notes. All around lovely presentation with some peach/apricot touches.

Taste- Straight honey shot. Nice sweetness with great body. Creamy feel.

Finish- Great display. Honey again but with milk chocolate and dried fruits. Medium length.

Comments – A very complete whiskey, Irish or not. Balance in all categories. Not robust, but flavor wise very elegant for the higher end. More Irish whiskey should be like this.

SWC Rating – 88/100

Average Retail- $75.00 (purchased in Ireland)

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