Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit Single Barrel Review

Every barrel selected is personally kissed by jimmy Russell.

In the olden days of my whiskey youth, Wild Turkey 101 was one of the first bourbons I became acquainted with. In fact, I had an early experience with Rare Breed that really catapulted my sense of bourbon’s aroma as well as a few nice evenings spent with Russel’s Reserve 10 year. My first memorable rye was Russell’s Reserve Rye. I just fell into them, it seems. These days, every time I sip something from Wild Turkey, I’m brought back to those days of bourbon innocence, days when I believed everything the marketing told me and didn’t care how much something cost relative to its value. Those were the days. (wipes away tears)

In a more jaded time, we sampled Wild Turkey’s Kentucky Spirit, a Kentucky Straight bottled from a single barrel. Kentucky Spirit is essentially WT 101 but a few years older ranging from 8.5 to 9.5 years old. The 101 is blended from a few barrels, but Kentucky Spirit has a more singular essence due to the subtle differences between barrels. The old familiar mash bill slash line of 75% corn/13% rye/12% malt is barreled with the traditional “alligator” char, napalmed at level #4 and is bottled at 50.5% ABV. As you might guess, all barrels selected for American Spirit are selected by the man himself, Jimmy Russell. Amen, sister. On to it…..

SWC Review

Nose- Rye spice with oak surges. Vanilla hints. Blackberry. Cellar aroma. Spice cabinet and sweet tobacco. Comet (lol).

Taste- Rye with some sweetening flourishes. Nice. Sawdust with spices.

Finish- Plenty of oak and barrel char to go around. A dry affair with plenty of warmth. Medium length.

Comment- Robust, but overall, a few of the guys needed more from this, others liked it just fine. Keep in mind that these bottles will differ from one another. I still have hope.

SWC Rating- 82/100

Agree? Disagree? Gird you loins and prepare for battle.

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    1. Thanks. Maybe the next bottle will be better. I tried this years ago and remembered it being a lot better, but sensory memory can be subjective.


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