Russell’s Reserve Small Batch 10 Year Old Review


We like guys like Jimmy Russell, Master Distiller for Wild Turkey. He’s a man’s man, taking immense pride in tradition and passing it down to new generations.  There are many distillers who have gone before him and others working today who do a fine job, but he is one of only three bourbon distillers living that have their name on a bottle. Russell’s Reserve Small Batch 10 yr Old bourbon is made up of Russell selected barrels from Wild Turkey’s plentiful stock currently aging.

These kinds of bottles are interesting since they claim to showcase what the Master Distiller believes to be great bourbon. So, expectations are high for good reason. A high rye bourbon aged in oak for a long 10 years and endorsed by the mighty Jimmy Russell? You had me at hello…

SWC Group Review

Nose – Big rye spice, vanilla. Buttery, caramel, leather, fragrant & thick.

Taste – Oaky vanilla, buttery, toffee/butterscotch, smooth.

Finish – Long, complex and spicy, hint of cocoa.

Comment – Great flavor, balanced, and enjoyable.

SWC Rating- 83/100


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