Wild Turkey 101 Review

Jimmy Russell, Master Distiller at Wild Turkey Distillery, takes pride in the old ways of doing things. The old ways, according to the man, produced the best kind of flavor. And that flavor always was and always should be BIG, baby. Our bottle today is no exception.

Not only does the flavor have to be full bodied, but the alcohol proof must be as well (bourbon used to have as their standard around 100 proof), hence the robust 101 in the bottle. Wild Turkey is distilled at a lower proof going into the barrel so that it does not have to be cut with water as much going into the bottle, thus retaining as much natural flavor as possible from the oak. This along with a high percentage in the mash bill devoted to the small grains of rye and barley equates to a promise of a strong flavor profile. Any accusation otherwise and Russell may very well break a bottle over the bar and challenge you. You’ve been warned.

Let’s see if he is right….

SWC Group Review

Nose– Sweet. Vanilla, caramel, candied toffee. Rye is up front and center with a touch of oak.

Taste – Oaky burst. Fruity, light caramel.

Finish – Long, big finish. Spicy with fruit, hint of licorice.

Comment – Great value, a good standard bourbon. Higher proof adds flavor, but kick as well.

SWC Rating- 79/100

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