Montana Straight Rye Whiskey Review


Rye is in, in case you don’t already know. Some drink absolutely nothing else. Some insist on straight ryes or even gravitate towards bourbons with a large percentage of the flavoring grain being rye. Rye gives a spirit flavors that range from complex spices, sweet and grainy to dusty and dry (even a little fruit). But most of all, according to rye acolytes, it makes the spirit at least more interesting. The club loves rye more and more these days, but we still love our wheated mashbills.

So naturally, if you are a distiller worth anything more than a hill of beans, you dang well better make a rye. Roughstock Distillery is worth quite a few hills of beans, and so we turn to their 100% Montana Rye.

SWC Group Review

Nose– Sweet rye grain, some fruit but small hints of sweetness. Of course, spicy notes, some hints of vanilla but needs more.

Taste- Spicy (cinnamon, clove, all spice), light sweetness, mellow.

Finish– Spice cabinet again (it is rye, folks), medium length. Flavors linger, mellow oak sweetness pervades.

Comment– Now we’re talking, Montana. Clean, light, distilled nicely. Enjoyable and pleasant, well rounded. One complaint is that we wanted to see more caramelized oak to balance out a dominant grain taste.

SWC Rating- 77/100

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