Russell’s Reserve Rye Review

If Rittenhouse Rye is for the bourbon lover, Lot 40 for the Canadian purist, and Whistle Pig Boss Hog for the rye sadist, then Russell’s Reserve Rye is rye’s elegance. And now that rye is finally hip again, you bearded and scarved trendsetters now have full rights to pour this celebrated distillate in your Madison Avenue tumblers and discuss what “locally sourced grain” means. For those of you who deeply resent calling it a comeback, since you’ve been here for years, relax a bit for the love of Chuck Cowdery, and allow me to present to the newcomers  this write-up on Wild Turkey’s premium offering in the revered rye category. You will be ready and armed with precious street cred if you want to buckle up and rhapsodize this beautiful bandwagon called rye.

Russell’s Reserve Rye is named after Wild Turkey’s Master Distiller Jimmy Russell, but is now primarily under the care of his son, Eddie Russell. This Kentucky Straight Rye is bottled at 45% ABV and is aged for 6 Kentucky summers. The Reserve line was introduced in 2007 as a select alternative to the more widely available Wild Turkey Rye, its younger and cheaper counter part. Mash bill percentages are not disclosed, but it is at least known that some corn and malted barley find their way into the fermenter. Let us go to the review….

SWC Group Review

Nose- Quiet approach with oaky vanilla and mellow sweetness. Confectionary notes of cherry. Mild rye spice. Dried fruit with applewood.

Taste- Reflects nose with a calm sweetness. Caramel, black pepper and apples.

Finish- Medium length with mild dried fruit. Oaky spice with a citrus feel.

Comments – Subtle, mature and elegant. A smooth sipper in the lighter rye style. Always nice when you find decent quality for a good price. Recommended.

Rating – 84/100

Average Retail – $35.00


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