Wild Turkey Rare Breed Review

From Wild Turkey Distillery comes their signature barrel proof offering for the upper shelves of the world. For the hardcore bourbon lovers out there, any distillery worth a hill of beans needs to offer something serious. None of this micro barreled, 2 year old, 80 proof swill poured from a pretty looking bottle. Put your big boy panties on and give me your best shot. Wild Turkey Rare Breed seems to fit this bill.

Rare breed is a rye forward, barrel proof (about 110), uncut (no water added) blend of 6, 8 and 12 year old stocks. A quick word on the aging periods is warranted. If you have ever wandered the hills of Kentucky you may have noticed the sweltering heat. Try to imagine sitting in a Kentucky rack house for a few hours and see what happens. These heavily charred barrels are put though the crucible of 6, 8 and 12 Kentucky summers. Folks, that’s some serious oak. And one more thing: due to the fact that the barrel entry proof for Rare Breed is about 57.5% (leaving around 54.1%), no water is needed to cut. This low distillation proof means that additional flavor is retained from the fermentation process. It’s big, heavy and full bodied for sure, but does it work? Read on…

SWC Group Review

Nose– Strong oaky vanilla and buttery caramel. Some blackberry fruit, pine needles and thick rye aromas. Light notes of clove and cinnamon. Even some maple.

Taste – Rowdy. Sweet, cherry, buttery vanilla and dark fruit. Viscous and thick. Candied toffee. Sits well with water.

Finish – Pepper, oaky finish. Thick, concentrated feel. Almost a touch of floral.

Comment– Great classic flavors. Rare Breed is strong and muscled. A Ron Swanson kind of bourbon. Oak is approaching the threshold of tolerance, though. Well done.

SWC Rating- 83/100


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