Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix Review

Allow us an indulgence, if you please. One of our members knows a guy who knows a guy with Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix in his possession who graciously gave us a sample of this mythical spirit. We didn’t refuse since this bottling is quite rare and will never be bottled again. So, we thought we would share it with you, who might never actually get to try this for yourself. Selfish of us? Probably, but can you blame us? Something like this only comes around so often. A quick story…

During the winter months a few years back, a significant level of snow had accumulated on one of Glenfiddich’s warehouses storing single malt. The roof caved in under the weight of the snow but the whisky casks remained intact. Upon inspection of the damage, onlookers noticed a pattern in the opening of the roof that resembled a “phoenix” rising from the damage and into oblivion, so to speak. Thus, the marketing department cheered and wept with joy. Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix was created.

Whiskies from 13 years old to 30 years old were blended and married together. The result is surely unique, but apart from that and the marketing story, how does the flavor match up to the price?What does $200.00 taste like? Read on…

SWC Group Review

Nose – Malty, dry sherry. Citrus, coconut and sweet notes of vanilla.

Taste– Malty again. Good balance with sweet flavors. Mouth coating and delectable.

Finish– Long and lingering. Dry sherry notes, oaky on the back end.

Comment– Great balance and character. Delicate but flavorful with delicious cereal notes. All categories impress with satisfaction. This bottle certainly has a nice story and we’re glad to have experienced it.

SWC Rating – 87/100

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