Jameson Select Reserve Black Barrel Review

Jameson can safely be declared the most famous Irish whiskey brand in the world at present. Due to the longevity of their success and significant investment over time, one big advantage this brand has in the whisky world (a priceless one, actually) is the abundance of barrel stock available for the blenders to create whatever they want to create on a regular basis. This creates opportunity to do yearly “special” releases that can command a great marketing punch. What could possibly go wrong?

Today, we look to Jameson Select Reserve Black Barrel Irish whiskey. Black Barrel is a blend of single pot still and grain whiskey aged in toasted sherry casks and finished in American bourbon barrels sourced from Wild Turkey Distillery. The result is an Irish whiskey that is full bodied, creamy and sweet. Sign us up, please.

If Redbreast 12 caught your attention, chances are this one will too. At a very affordable price of $35.00, this blend gives many whiskeys priced above a run for their money. The members of SWC thoroughly enjoyed our time with it and would recommend this to anyone looking to expand their Irish experience. And I could make a joke about “Irish Experience” and “Drinking” but I won’t. We are just too damn classy to go there. Cheers.

SWC Group Review

Nose– Rich nose of fruit with green apples, apricots and nectarine. Raisins and dates. Sweet sherry. Oaky vanilla, light grain.

Taste– Vanilla and butterscotch, rich. Some spice, rumlike. Smooth and creamy mouth feel.

Finish– Short finish. Pops then fades, Sweet.

Comment– Great flavors. Great for the price, too. Aside from short finish, an impressive bottle of juice. Look for it!

SWC Rating- 86/100

Average Retail – $35.00

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