Jura 16 Diurach’s Own Review

iojob.16yoBecause I am so cutting edge and hip to the scene and woke and everything like that, we present yet another review for a bottle that is leaving the shelf, Jura 16 Diurach’s Own. Jura is revamping their core range with new whiskies and labels, and unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your taste, the 16 year expression is now resigned to Void. But hey, since everyone is in the room, we might as well get it over with, as there might be more on the shelves across the fruited plain gathering dust. The term “Diurachs” is what Jura residents are called, or refer to themselves, I don’t know, on their humble abode, the Isle of Jura off the east coast of Islay. This expression is bottled and named in order to honor these hearty residents of the famous island.

Owned by Whyte & Mackay, “Diurach’s” spends 14 Jura winters in cask and then is finished for an additional 2 years in oloroso sherry casks. The resulting finishing is rich and robust as per Master Blender Richard Paterson’s penchant and is bottled at 40%. Cost wise you are looking at $90. For that reason I’m glad it’s gone. On to it…

SWC Review

Nose- Earthy, full dark fruit. Some brine and soil. Flower petals and vanilla. Sulfur knocking on the door. Salty and slight musk.

Taste- Toffee with plenty of fruit, blackberries, plums and pears. Chocolate-ish. Rich.

Finish- Slight peat with sweet coffee. Medium length. Grain with leather. Raisins.

Comment- Big and thick. Taste wise it was pretty fantastic. Overall some off notes but it works for sherry lovers, if a bit unrefined and one dimensional.

SWC Rating- 82/100

Agree? Disagree? It was Paterson’s fault, not ours.

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