1792 Small Batch Bourbon Review

brbon_1792v3Upon learning about the warehouse collapse at 1792 Barton Distillery earlier this year, my first cruel thought was, “phew, at least it was a bourbon I don’t drink.” That’s how much of a dirtbag I am. If a warehouse on the grounds of Buffalo Trace had come crumbling down like a bourbon soaked Jericho, I would have been wallowing in dust and ashes, mourning and gnashing my teeth. But seriously, as Chuck Cowdery notes, this unfortunate event, while certainly not welcomed by Sazerac or the employees who worked hard to make it, would not effect the brand negatively due to enormous stocks aging elsewhere with many more to come. And hey, at least the ground there will have notes of oak and vanilla for the next few years.

We previously reviewed 1792 Ridgemont Reserve, but as it sometimes happens, the brand was revamped and the former 8 year age statement has been removed and the bottle is now labeled 1792 Small Batch. SB, made by Barton 1792 Distillery carries the same mash bill slash line of 75% Corn/15% Rye/10% Barley as the Very Old Barton Brand. Small Batch was introduced in 2015 as a new Kentucky Straight with an ABV of 46.85%. On to it…

SWC Review

Nose- Caramel with some grain flourishes. Cinnamon with blackberries. Honey with vanilla bean. Citrus.

Taste- Lively with some oak. Toffee sweetness with decent mouthfeel.

Finish- Black pepper with oaky sweetness. A bit hot. Medium length.

Comment- A standard, no fuss bourbon expression. And thusly nothing to get too excited about. Certainly nothing off putting but not enough to distinguish itself.

SWC Rating- 83/100

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