Woodinville Rye Review

Mosback has good taste. The Woodinville Whiskey Company seems to have it as well. This Washington state distillery has jumped onto the craft distilling scene with two solid offerings of a Bourbon and a 100% Rye. Our focus today is the latter.

Rye as long been a very special grain when it comes to American whiskey, both here in the states and north of the border in Canada. After Prohibition, rye fell away from the mainstream as a significant ingredient in distilled spirits. But, within the last few years, we are seeing its popularity rise once again with a number of 100% Rye whiskies on the shelf and showing up as a flavoring grain in many mainstream bourbons.

Here is our take, written for you, our dear readers, for your prosperity.

SWC Group Review

Nose – Fruity! Sweet rye, spicy with pepper, tobacco, mint. Soft vanilla.

Taste – Spicy heat, wonderful. A certain tang pervades.

Finish – Medium long, spice. Licorice, tangy oakiness.

Comment – Wonderful surprise from Woodinville. Rye is vibrant and pleasant, very interesting. Excited to see where this develops in the future.

SWC Rating- 83/100

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