Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey Review

We are in the midst of the American Craft Distilling boom. Small, independently owned craft distilleries are popping up all across America at an alarming rate and are making some very interesting whiskies. Perhaps one of the best qualities (along with some bad ones) inherent to this craft distilling boom is the tendency to make new rules while breaking old ones. We like it this way. Whether it be unique, never before seen grains and mash bills or innovations in barrel aging, this movement has and will continue to try anything. Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey shouldn’t be the only style on the shelf, folks.

Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey is one such example. George Stranahan had the idea of making a distinctly American whiskey that was 100% malted barley (traditionally the method of the Scots) and maturing it in heavily charred, new oak barrels (how the USA does it). The result of these two methods is what we are reviewing today. Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey is recognized, rightly so, as one of the original craft spirits and continues to build a very strong and respected brand. When it first exploded onto the national scene, this small distillery had small allocations spread across the entire country. Under new ownership, this strategy has been reversed. Output has increased, but has been spread across a smaller network and will eventually grow into a national presence. So, if you cannot find Stranahan’s in your local area, it really is only a matter of time before they make their way to you. Considering what Stranahan’s has been able to do thus far, I see no problem with the company invading any shelf it wants.

SWC Group Review

Nose– Nutty, roasted, hard toffee. Strong candy notes, sweet malt. I’ll say it: bubble gum? One of the most unique noses I’ve experienced.

Taste– A bit sooty, charred oak, dry and thick.

Finish– Hello, charred oak, welcome to Jim’s mouth. Fruity esters tingle on the way out.

Comment– The malted barley and the charred oak bring the best of both worlds into a new, unique kind of whiskey. Neither side dominates. This is what great American Craft Distilling is all about. Must try before you die.

Jim’s Rating- 81/100

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