Aberfeldy 16 Year Old Review

abfob.16yov1Aberfeldy’s recent brand makeover seemed to me to be an attempt to remind the whisky world that their whisky still exists and is not just meant to be blended into Dewar’s. It is also promising that Aberfeldy didn’t just redesign the label, and if you’re into that sort thing, it was an improvement, but they also released a new expression in 2015. We previously sampled the 12 year old, and now today we try the 16 year old version.

Aberfeldy runs an operation that churns out some 3.5 million liters of malt with only a small percentage, and now a slightly bigger amount, to be bottled as a single malt expression. The 16 year old is finished in oloroso sherry casks and is bottled at a searing 40% ABV. And because I cannot possibly think of anything else interesting to say about today’s selection, we will just get to it and end the charade. On to it..

SWC Review

Nose- Cereal and biscuits. Honey. Sherry raisin with banana and lemon. Light overall with grassy notes.

Taste- Unremarkable and light. Grain with pear. Spices.

Finish- Slight peat, drops off quick with herbal flourishes and honeyed oatmeal. Celery.

Comment- There you go. A light, spring whisky feel that doesn’t demand much of your taste buds. Criminally overpriced at around $72.

SWC Rating- 77/100

Agree? Disagree? Go ahead, make my day.

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