The Macallan 12 Year Old Sherry Oak Review

#1 Scotch for impressing people. 

I felt like a gentlemen with a monocole and a top hat. And a kilt. All that was missing was a well oiled mustace. That’s what I felt like when I tried Macallan 12 for the first time. Back then, this was my first “luxury” malt, as that was what I thought Macallan was at the time. The bottle presentation, the marketing, the auction prices, it all added up and I felt like I was in the Scotch big leagues. Not that I know any better now, but I can say that at least Macallan 12 isn’t quite the premium malt I thought it was at the time. How could it when the bottle is available at a relatively cheap price pretty much everywhere? That said, the brand as a whole can be safely regarded as a premium one, maybe even a luxurious one. Just randomly declare it one day, change the font on your bottle labels, and charge a lot per bottle, and eventually the rich dentists will buy a lot of your stuff. Bingo.

Macallan 12 is a standard bearer for sherried Scotch whisky, and for good reason, I certainly don’t want to take anything away from that distinguished station among Scotch options. Despite the flood of NAS bottlings, supply shortages and the high cost of sherried oak, the 12 year old core expression stands firm and true on the shelf and in our hearts. Bottled at a standard 43% ABV and still priced fairly well, today’s expression endures, as I’m sure it always will. On to it….

SWC Review

Nose- Strong sherry with pronounced but managed oak aromas. Vanilla sweet with a syrupy feel. Pears and green apples. Deep plum and dark fruits.

Taste- Oily and big. Toffee. Citrus. Oak. Nice depth.

Finish- Bitter oak, medium length. Full and thick with plenty of fruit.

Comment- Strong and dependable as always. Rich and round and a great value for the money. Recommended.

SWC Rating- 86/100

Agree? Disagree? How nice that must be for you.

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