Glenfarclas 17 Years Old Review

Sherry, you can’t be serious. I am, and don’t call me Sherry.

The phrase “Sherry Bomb” isn’t precisely a regulated one in the Scotch industry. A’Bunadh, Macallan, Dalmore, we can all agree on those. If a malt has a strong sherried presence but only was finished for a few years in a sherry cask, could it still be a sherry bomb? I think yes. And I think that if we were to expand the previous list of sherry bombs one would be hard pressed to exclude Glenfarclas. In fact, Glenfarclas is this author’s favorite sherried whisky. So put that in your Gandalf pipe and smoke it.

Reviewers make much of the fact that Glenfarclas distillery is family owned, one of only two with that designation in Scotland. I don’t know how much better that makes the whisky, but there are some romanticized perks to the whole idea, I suppose. My favorite thing about Glenfarclas is that for the most part they price their malts quite competitively, and one could walk away from a liquor store with a decently aged, quality Scotch whisky for a lower price on average compared to other sherried Scotches. Today’s focus is on Glenfarclas 17, a Speyside single malt with 43% ABV and finished in the previously mentioned European sherry oak casks. On to it…

SWC Review

Nose- Fresh. Dates, raisins, strawberries. Citrus marmalade with some vanilla underneath. Sweet with some honeyed floral touches. Ripe oranges with chocolate.

Taste- Light melon, simple syrup. Fruit and oak. Bit on the light side.

Finish– Short, pleasant. Barely cereal. Nutty.

Comment- Quite pleasant overall, if only a bit light overall flavor wise. Great balance and a decent sipper.

Rating- 85/100


Agree? Disagree? How wonderful your opinion will be to me.

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