Ardbeg Ardbog Review

We arrive to yet another stop on the Ardbeg trail. It should be stated without winking or crossed fingers that Ardbeg has immense street cred among connoisseurs and commands childlike wonderment from the casual observers. You may be able to safely stamp a cult like following on this celebrated brand. This basically ensures that whatever bottling Ardbeg drums up within a given year WILL BE SOLD OUT before the sun sees the following month arrive. And Ardbeg has released quite a few in the last five years with no indication of slowing down. Despite our fond affection for Ardbeg and the glory they seem to bottle for us, we do humbly ask that a more determined effort be attempted to make them more different. With that said, it will never stop us from buying them. We cannot seem to help ourselves for we love them so. On to some particulars…

Ardbeg Ardbog is the distillery’s Feis Ile bottling for 2013 (Islay’s whisky & music festival) during Ardbeg Day. It is a NAS bottling but essentially it is a 10 year old single malt with about 60% aged in ex bourbon casks and 40% in Manzanilla sherry cask from Spain. Manzanilla is a fino sherry, the driest variety produced. As per the usual standard from Ardbeg, Ardbog is non chill filtered with no coloring added and is bottled at 52.1% ABV. To the review!

SWC Group Review

Nose- Typical but lovely smoked meat. Some industrial smoke and tar. Underneath, a sherry influence with some light sweetness. BBQ. Raisins and toffee.
Taste- Savory feel with olives. Creamy and full bodied. Vanilla and honey.
Finish- Charred, fatty steak. A1. Peat punches you on the neck as per usual on the Ardbeg finishes. Long.
Comments- Certainly nothing wrong here, but we are looking for what distinguishes Ardbog from its fellow bottlings. Taste is immaculate and finish is grand as always. It works.
SWC Rating – 88/100

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