Glenmorangie Nectar D’or Review

One of the unfortunate side effects of traversing through the whisky world for any good number of years is the inevitable boredom that ensues whether through plain snobbery or palate development over time. Your very first positive experience with a once trusted dram may have been nothing short of astonishing when you were a whisky rookie, but now that very same dram, sipped years later is now considered bottled death by the very same taste buds. Boiled down to a base understanding the reality is such: you now simply seek out new flavor experiences just to keep things interesting. We find ourselves so jaded, it must human to find complacency so easily. Yes, we like our sherry finished whiskies, but surely there is something else that can make our dreams come true, please? Let us go to France to find out. Glenmorangie Nectar D’or is one such example of the glorious newness we seek. Nectar D’or, like LaSanta before it and the soon to be reviewed Quinta Ruban, is Glenmorangie Original 10 year old single malt finished further in ex-Sauternes wine barriques from France. Sauternes wine is a very sweet white wine produced in the famed Bordeaux region from the fine Semillon grape. Like other dessert wine grapes, not all of the natural sugars are allowed to ferment in its production, thus leaving a number of residual sugars for more sweetness. The vines that produce the Semillon grape also experience a controlled disease called “Noble Rot” which results in a partially raisined grape for more concentrated flavors. It is an expensive wine to produce, therefore Nectar D’or is an expensive whisky to purchase. It is non chill filtered, bottled at 12 years old and at 46% ABV. Let us go to the bottle…

SWC Group Review

Nose- A soft, light opening of sweet honey/butterscotch. Develops to a nice vanilla with spring floral notes. Honeydew melons, light oak. Taste- Creamy, confectionary, honey. Oily feel. Grapefruit. Finish- Quick waft of smoke, biscuity, nutty. Initial fruit notes but ends up drying with a sour feel on the back end. Medium length. Comments – A nice summertime whisky. Nose is nice, overall it is unique enough but a little on the plain side at the end of the day. A pleasant, light whisky but the price prevents subsequent purchases, or at least gives us pause. SWC Rating- 83/100 Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments section below. Contact us at ​

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  1. Nice review! I tried the Nectar about a year ago and LOVED it. For the sake of comparison, here are my personal tasting notes from last November:

    Nose: Sweet honey, licorice, pralines, gentle notes of cherries, citrus, and melon.

    Taste: Sweet honey, Meyer lemon, vanilla, custard, creamy mouthfeel.

    Finish: Not lingering, but nice. Sweet with gentle hints of lemon and bergamot. Fruit nectar.

    Incidentally, it paired wonderfully with pecan pie…

    Keep your reviews coming!

    Steve Harreld


    1. Both our tasting notes seem to reflect Nectar D’or’s character of gentle sweetness and citrus fruit notes. Nice mention of pralines in the nose and lemon feel on the taste, good review Thanks for commenting and keep it real.


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