Tyrconnell Single Malt Review

As opposed to the wine world, we in the wonderful world of whiskey do not often experience the dreaded “bad bottle.” Oxidation, sulpher, and acidity attack wine bottles with a vengeance, but as we know, whiskey does not change much on the shelf or cabinet. The industry phrase is “dead in the bottle.” As long as the liquid does not have much contact with air, a bottle can last years or even decades, maybe, and remain palatable. Subjective differences being ever present, and despite encountering generally positive reviews on a certain selection, sometimes we encounter “bad bottles.” Blanton’s was a recent example. It is one of the most well reviewed bourbons around, but we were underwhelmed across the board on that one. Call it batch variation or perhaps the one that got away, but unfortunately the SWC sampled one such wierd example in Tyrconell Single Malt Irish whiskey.


Named after the famous Irish racing horse that despite 100 to 1 odds, won a notable race in 1876, this Cooley produced 100% Irish single malt carried a decent expectation of flavor. After a swift observation of the reviews available, the NAS Tyrconnell seemed like a good bet even while the bottling strength is 40% ABV. The entire range even includes some well regarded wine cask finished whiskies. We are always ready for a great Irish whiskey, but while the nose was decent, the rest was downhill in the worst way. Read on…


SWC Group Review

Nose- Sweet barley. Citrus fruit with peel, pineapple. Perfumed feel. Light honey, oak. Clean.

Taste- Grain at first, then awful butane and bitter citrus. Medicinal. Acidic. Dirty laundry.

Finish- Medium length. Repeat of taste. Medicinal off notes with earthy barley.

Comments – This has to be an aberrant bottle. No way would a John Teeling produced whiskey display such horror. Hopefully next time will be different. Such is life, folks.


SWC Rating – 67/100




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