Glenfiddich 18 Year Old Review

The market is a cruel, cold lady to any new startup. She’s especially unkind to the startup distillery. So you want to offer your two year old whisk(e)y that no one has heard of for $50.00 when they could grab another three times as aged for half as much? Lot’s of luck, ace. Here’s a stat for you: 1 in 3 bottles sold IN THE WORLD are bottled by Glenfiddich. Their 29 stills produce 2.2 million gallons of spirit per year. But make no mistake, they are not just a giant producing flavorless, characterless swill destined for airline miniatures. In fact, they still continue to amass awards and a devoted following. They even claim the title of the “World’s Most Awarded Single Malt.”

Among the standard bottlings in the line, Glenfiddich 18 Year Old may be the least interesting of the four, arguably, but it still holds an audience. Its label reveals a short tidbit concerning its production in that it is matured in small, numbered batches before a brief marrying period of three months in oak cask. This method is not ground breaking, but it is at least notable in that it affords a greater control over flavor optimization and consistency on the part of the distiller. On to our review…


SWC Group Review

Nose- Apple with cinnamon. Oaky with vanilla, faint citrus. Nice, flavorful maltiness with some sherried raisins. Calm.

Taste- Sweet with caramel. Dark fruits and citrus with some decent weight to it.

Finish- Medium. Dry with oak and sherry. Cherries. Souring towards the end.

Comment- The nose satisfies with decent complexity but not much else. The drying, fading finish along with the sour notes ruined the party. Not bad, but go for the 15 year old for all the fun.


SWC Rating – 82/100

Avg Retail – $85.00


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