Rogue Dead Guy Whiskey Review

425740_434793986585725_2099845704_nWe now move to Rogue’s Dead Guy Whiskey. This one is intriguing. It is made from the same grain recipe their Dead Guy Ale is made from (without the hops). Unlike the 3 month aging period their single malt enjoyed, Dead Guy Whiskey gets merely one month in the oak barrel. These aging periods would be considered marketing death by the big producers, but Rogue displays them for everyone to see right there on the label. That takes brass, brother.

Give Rogue credit, at least. After all, I don’t think they are making their product for snobs. So, what in the world could this possibly taste like? Read on and find out…

SWC Group Review

Nose– Acidic, tart grain, hint of sweet. Sour apple notes. Slight sea salt.

Taste– Sour alcohol, some sweetness. Honey.

Finish– Short to medium. Bland, some light fruit nose.

Comment– The foundation has been laid, where will this go? The apple notes are nice, but little else shines here.

SWC Rating- 66/100

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