Rogue Oregon Single Malt Review


And now, we must get back to doing the good work society demands: drinking everything we see and telling the story, for you, dear readers. Today we go to Portland, Oregon and sample a few spirits from Rogue Brewery. These guys are first and foremost brewers of fine ales and other beers. They have made their mark on the micro-brewing scene, built a respectable brand, and on the way decided to try their hand at making a few spirits. First, we try their Oregon Single Malt Whiskey…

Rogue grows and malts their own barley (nice, only a few Scottish distilleries, the masters of malting, malt their own barley) and age this particular spirit for 3 months in oak barrels (yes, we know, it’s weird, but there it is on the label, staring back at us like Hamlet’s father). With up to 70% of flavor coming from the barrel in any decently aged spirit, this very short aging period is a bit curious, but we understand getting your product out there ASAP. With such a homegrown but low key approach, what kind of quality are we talking about? Read on for our opinion…

SWC Group Review

Nose– A mix between sweet and sour barley grain. A whiff of salt and hints of fruit.

Taste- Rather bland but some grain, vanilla, chemical.

Finish– Fades fast to bitter grain and brine. Whiff of sweet.

Comment- Interesting, if anything. The curiosity is there for us to see where this goes. But as it sits now, we may have to pass.

SWC Rating- 67/100

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