George Dickel Barrel Select Review

Jack Daniel’s? Never heard of her. 

George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey might as well be called “that other Tennessee whiskey not called Jack Daniels.” This phrase, on a plain white label in Times New Roman, on a bottle with a plastic screw cap on the bottom shelf, reflects really the strength of George Dickel’s market share as compared to the taut Jack Daniels brand, the chief player in the Tennessee Whiskey category. But that is simply market share. The brand itself is quite valuable to me, as it is my preferred Tennessee hooch. Take that, Jack.

We will save an explanation of George Dickel’s particular method of the Lincoln Country Process for when we review their standard bottling, but suffice it to say George Dickel’s Barrel Select, today’s selection, is filtered through sugar maple charcoal before the aging process. GD’s Barrel Select standard mash bill slash line is 85% corn/8% rye/8% malted barley and is aged for 10-12 years in a single story warehouse. Master Distiller John Lunn then selects small batch of barrels to be bottled for Barrel Select. On to it…

SWC Review

Nose- I smell Lincoln County. Sugary pine. Little cherry with brown sugar. Vanilla, peach. Maple. Wood glue.

Taste- Good mouthfeel, black pepper. Peach. Viscous. Tobacco. Sweet stuff.

Finish- Char, baby. Leather and rye. Pipe tobacco. Corn. Medium to long.

Comment- Certainly the best Dickel available. Tennessee whiskies are a bit of an acquired taste but we seemed to like this one just fine. The Lincoln County process continues to be a nice touch.

SWC Rating- 82/100

*Tasted Blind

Agree? Disagree? I am ready to believe you.

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