Larceny Kentucky Straight Bourbon Review

brbon_lar1God bless value bourbons. Especially the bottles that ain’t bad. Bourbon has long been a Helm’s Deep for whiskey people getting left out of the party by steeply rising prices for a decent bottle. Scotch skyrocketed. Irish, too. The good Canadian stuff is in the premium price category, and even the top end bourbon bottles shot up in price in our Golden Age. However, it is still possible to bag a decent bottle of bourbon for under $30. There aren’t as many options as there used to be, but it’s still attainable and remains a category of refuge for me, cause kids get expensive as they grow older, let me tell you.

So for us, Larceny Kentucky Straight Bourbon poses as an opportunity, as you can purchase one for around $25, give or take. Distilled at Bernheim, this Heaven Hill brand is basically another version of the heritage brand Old Fitzgerald, the famous wheated bourbon, as Larceny is. The obligatory historical quirk bears mentioning, as Larceny is named in honor of a treasury agent named John E. Fitzgerald, who, possessing a key to “Pappy’s” Stitzel Weller warehouses, would on occasion steal bourbon from the casks for his own purposes. Crime, it turns out, does pay. Blended from small batches of around 100 barrels aged between 6 and 10 years, the 92 proof bourbon. On to it…

SWC Rating

Nose- Buttery corn and sweet grains. Cinnamon and cedar. Toasted sugar and mint. Doughy. Vanilla and oak.

Taste- Sweet with sugar and molasses. Butterscotch. Oaky spice.

Finish- Flash and then gone. Oak, honey, weird vegetal feel. Black pepper. Walnuts.

Comment- Not too much here. A bit of a sweet, one dimensional feel. Enough bourbon-ness to get by, but we can’t complain too much because of a good price. Up to you.

SWC Rating- 75/100

*tasted blind

Agree? Disagree? You have our ears.

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