Pikesville Straight Rye Whiskey Review

“Maryland Style Rye.” Sure it is, honey.

The old story is that Prohibition destroyed Rye. It destroyed distilleries, is what it really did, which in turn destroyed brands, only a few of which have survived, or have been revived, to today’s time. And now that I have used 5 commas in a sentence, a feat I am certain has been unattainable until now, I shall endeavor after this review to figure out how to actually use one. Pikesville Rye, one such brand, was revived shortly after Prohibition ended and enjoyed a solid run until the 1980’s. Heaven Hill purchased the brand to midwife yet another rebirth, which brings us to today’s selection.

The Maryland styled rye, as it was back then, is now produced in Kentucky as an older Rittenhouse Rye with additional ABV. Pikesville is barely a rye with a mash bill slash line of 51% Rye/37% Corn/12% Barley. Master Distiller Denny Potter blends together barrels aged for 6 Kentucky summers and bottles Pikesville Rye at 55% ABV. The resulting bottle will run you around $50. In the next review, I will attempt a sentence with 6 commas. On to it…

SWC Review

Nose- Soft grassy sharpness and sweet oak. Citrus rind and leather. Soapy clove and toasted almonds. Candy corn and caramelized sugar.

Taste- Creamy, great mouthfeel. Grassy tannins. Honeyed oak. Cayenne with black pepper.

Finish- Peppery, oaky, grassy. Vanilla in the back ground. Spice everywhere.

Comment- Certainly a fine rye for bourbon lovers. Our rye loving friends may not go gaga, but hey, we didn’t make this whisky world, we just live in it. Great collection of flavors.

SWC Rating- 83/100

Agree? Disagree? My response will have many commas to try and throw you off.

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