Balcones Texas Single Malt Review

Made with J.R. Ewing’s blessing. 

When it came to the whole craft whiskey boom thimgamajig, my innocence was lost almost immediately. It didn’t win me friends in the industry at the time, but I think I did give credit where credit was due in terms of what tasted good. As a consequence, I didn’t fall madly in love with the few darlings of the craft world at the time, namely Corsair, or maybe Old Portreo, or even Balcones. Even if they were decent, I didn’t see the point in shelling out $50 to $60 (or more) for a bottle that didn’t remotely compare to what the evil conglomerates were making. I didn’t like the fact that one of the reasons for the monstrous craft price tags was that you were simply paying for the massive up-front investments they needed to get the distillery up and running. Nevertheless, there were some concepts I simply could not resist. One such concept was the emergence of the American Single Malt category. And when faced with the possibility of sampling Balcones Texas Single Malt, I stood up, saluted, said amen, and remembered the Alamo. On to some particulars…

We will not put you through a company history or a distillery tour for Balcones, Google can do that for you. For today’s purposes, we will stick with Texas Single Malt. Comprised of 100% malted barley, and clocking in at a high 53% ABV, non-chill filtered, today’s selection has no real unique properties other than a curious aging process. A single batch of Texas Single Malt is aged in several new, charred oak casks of varying sizes for a period of about 14 to 24 months. They are then married together in a single cask for a final maturation period. Reminds me of how Forty Creek ages their spirit. Price wise you are looking at $50 to $60 per bottle. Shocker.

SWC Review

Nose- Grapefruit sprinkled with brown sugar. Apple, light leather and corn. Buttered popcorn. Caramel.

Taste- Sweet. Brown sugar. Viscous, molasses and slight pepper.

Finish- Sugared molasses cookie. Fig. Grapefruit. Buttery. Medium length.

Comment- An overall sweet affair with some weird but not off-putting notes. Certainly a unique, pleasant whiskey, but probably not a repeat buy at this price. Adios.

SWC Rating – 84/100

*Tasted Blind

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