Parker’s Heritage Collection Promise of Hope Review

The 7th edition of the Parker’s Heritage Collection issues a declarative answer to a simple question: what does a Master Distiller prefer to drink if given the ability to control it’s every aspect? No special gimmicks, no wine finishes, just Parker Beam’s ideal, perfectly realized bourbon. This is the opportunity “Promise of Hope” affords to us, the eager buyers of the yearly release from Heaven Hill. But the release is also motivated by a bit of nostalgia, unfortunately due to Parker’s recent diagnosis of ALS, or Lou Gehrig ’s disease. Parker and the ALS Association partnered up to create the “ALS Promise Fund,” which receives a $20.00 donation per bottle sale from this limited run. Parker’s daily involvement with the operations of Heaven Hill Distillery has been limited immensely, and he now holds the title of Master Distiller Emeritus. His son Craig Beam has assumed the role Parker previously performed.


Parker selected 100 barrels of Heaven Hill’s rye mash bill bourbon from the top floors of his favorite rickhouse, Rickhouse EE in Deatsville, KY. Promise of Hope is a single barrel Kentucky straight bourbon bottled at 48% and aged for 10 Kentucky summers. This is the ideal age, warehouse location, rye flavor profile and tasting proof that Parker prefers. While this was released last fall it is very possible a limited number of bottles exist for purchase online.


SWC Group Review

Nose- Blast of rye at first with butterscotch layered under spice. In time, sweet corn and vanilla. Peppercorn with apricot and pear. Great balance of sweet with spicy rye. Oatmeal raisin cookie. Big.

Taste- Sharp rye with creamy sweet. Some sour fruit with nice coconut. Delicious

Finish- Long. Barrel char with rye bread. Lingering and drying.

Comment- A solid, complex bourbon. Great balance. Some sour notes but overall highly recommended. Tasted blind.


SWC Rating – 87/100


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