Parker’s Heritage Collection Blend of Mashbills Review

For Bourbon freak boys the annual fall release season is Christmas. In fact, I’m sure if you asked one of these poor, lonely people to choose between Christmas morning and an October release of Pappy, they would have to think about it. While this small group of whiskey buyers indeed are entertaining in so many ways, their anticipation of this magical time is certainly understandable. We get to see stunning releases in the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection, Four Roses Single Barrel/Small Batch, and yes (sigh), Pappy Van Winkle, among others. Anticipation is also high for the Parker’s Heritage Collection release, the subject of today’s review . With the wheated mash bill already covered, we turn our loving gaze towards the 6th edition, the “Master Distiller’s Blend of Mash Bills.”

Released in 2012, the 6th edition as previously implied is a blend of two different styles of Kentucky Straight Bourbon. The first is an Evan Williams rye based bourbon mash bill aged 11 years, the second is a wheated bourbon mash bill from the Old Fitz variety, also aged 11 years. Essentially we get a blended four grain, uncommon in the industry. As expected, this limited run of 7,500 bottles is non chill filtered and at a cask strength of 65.8% ABV.  The challenge in front of Master Distiller Parker Beam is to successfully blend two competing flavor profiles typically bottled and beloved on their own.  I wrote that sentence with a wink, for a distiller of his skill could make pretty much make anything work. On to it…


SWC Group Review

Nose- Begins with the rye forward aromas of menthol and dusty grain. With time and water, sweet almonds, corn and sharp caramel. Vanilla and lovely oak. Floral touches.

Taste- Full bodied, rye kick. Spicy with citrus rind. Vanilla underneath.

Finish- Medium length. Barrel char with drying spice. Quiet.

Comment- We tasted this blind with no expectations, and what a perfect challenge for a premium bourbon. We felt that the blend was good, with the rye definitely coming out on top over the wheat influence. While this evened out over time in terms of pleasing flavors, overall we think this selection is at most decent.

SWC Rating – 80/100



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