Chivas Regal 12 Year Old Review

As a global brand since the early 50’s, Chivas Regal has secured a healthy market share envied by most brands, I imagine. Available in virtually ever bar, store and perhaps a few cabinets, it can be confidently expected that one develops an opinion early on concerning Chivas Regal 12. And it can be expected with confidence that the SWC should offer an opinion, and a superior one at that. Fact.


Chivas Regal 12 is a blended Scotch whisky comprised of separately aged malts from the Speyside region and grain whiskies aged near their bottling plant in Paisley. After marriage it’s bottled with an attempt at luxury, however relatively low priced it may be. Chivas Brothers also produces an 18 (very enjoyable) and 25 year old, but with different component whiskies than in the 12 year old.


SWC Group Review


Nose – Sweet. Doughy, yeasty grain. Honeyed  floral notes. Heathery, grassy touches. Slight whiff of vanilla as it opens up with butter toffee candy.  


Taste – Toffee  sweet with some light fruit. Heather.


Finish – Short, dry. Nice touch of smoke with cereal notes.


Comment – Very simple. Nice integration of grain notes balanced with caramelized oak. Simple and casual.


SWC Rating – 72/100


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2 thoughts on “Chivas Regal 12 Year Old Review

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  1. A very nice finish in my opinion, It breaks off clean. If you enjoy the gradual fall of some single malts you may think it too short. Seems to help to pour it 5-10 mins before sipping. As people whose nose is offended by the grain alcohol may find.The nose isn’t harsh though and the palate is consistent. I rank it as a great Scotch for your daily after work drink.


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