Chivas Regal 18 Year Old Gold Signature Review

Scotch blends tend to get less credit than they deserve. In fact, any zealous disciple in the Church of the Single Malt wouldn’t be caught dead with his lips to a glass of blended Scotch. One of the chief causes of this bias is the fact that blended Scotch uses a large amount of column distilled grain whisky (or less flavorful filler whisky) to aid in producing the massive volume required for the world market. After all, 90% of whisky consumed in the world is blended. SWC does not share this bias or aversion to blends for there exists a number of quality pours on the shelf with the dreaded word “blended” on the label. Chivas Regal 18yr Gold Signature is one of those blends worth seeking out. A few particulars first….

This blend is composed of twenty malt and grain whiskies that are at least 18 years old. When we are talking about blends there are a few things that come with the territory, one of those being chill filtering which Chivas Regal 18 has plenty of. Also, caramel coloring is added for standardization of color. Being that Chivas Regal is one of the most recognizable Scotch brands in the world, the relatively low price point of $60 for this 18 year old may be an indication of lower quality. However, with all these factors considered together, Chivas 18 is one of the best “value for money” blends you can possibly find on the store shelf. On to our review…

SWC Group Review

Nose- Sweet dried fruit notes of raisin and dates with apricot and orange citrus. Vanilla and butterscotch as it opens up with a floral sweetness. Some musty notes with an oaky dampness to it. Complex.

Taste– More citrus. Creamy, mouth coating sweetness. Floral hints of hay/straw with smoke.

Finish– Long and drying. Smoky with a sour floral note. Citrus peel.

Comments– Well rounded package with great flavors. Nice complexity with plenty of subtle surprises. Always a great value buy. Get it in your cabinet.

SWC Rating – 86/100

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