Jura Superstition Review


The Isle of Jura is a very curious place. This Scottish island is but a mere 34×7 miles with a bustling population of 225 inhabitants. It is even said that the deer outnumber the humans on this lonely isle. There is only one road on Jura but also only one distillery which produces our whisky reviewed today. This distillery is the focal point of Jura, a source of pride for the few inhabitants. It is striking to us that from such small circumstances comes such a strong brand of Scotch whisky, reaching even our own little town of Spokane, WA. To the whisky we go…

Today, we sample Jura Superstition Single Malt Scotch. According to my research, the reason behind the title is not exactly clear, but who cares, what we want to know is what it tastes like, right? Jura Superstition is comprised of two malts, one heavily peated at 13 years old, the other at 21 years old, providing the mellowed complexity only a 21 year old malt can contribute. The resulting mix has a light but assertive peat influence with a richly sherried backbone. Hard to believe that the four humble pot stills of Jura can produce a whisky that finds its way to us, but we’re glad we found it. Your humble correspondents of the SWC offer their opinion…

SWC Group Review

Nose– A light, peaty aroma underneath notes of grapefruit citrus and orange peel. Ripe raisins and sherried dates with a buttery vanilla base.

Palate– Ripe tangerine with honey. A nice layer of smoke makes an appearance.

Finish– Sweet grain and fruit balanced with smoke and pepper. This finish goes on for miles and miles.

Comments– Nice depth and complexity. Peaty aromas balance nicely with the sweeter flavors. And what a stunning finish. We are believers in this superstition.

SWC Rating 87/100

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