Dry Fly Washington Wheat Review


Back in 2009, Dry Fly Distillery in Spokane, WA was ready to make a move. Up until that point, they were successfully releasing a vodka and a gin to great reception. While those two spirits were making a splash on the market, a whiskey of 100% Washington wheat was aging in their warehouse. Their first released batch lasted maybe 5 minutes before selling out. It was interesting to watch from afar. Demand was strong but it would be another 2 years before it could even be met. Craft distilleries have a unique problem, you see, in that their product isn’t a direct to shelf deal. Making a good product takes time and patience.

Dry Fly has thus far done pretty much everything right. They do not micro barrel their products to cheat the system and they continually innovate with unique grains and finishes. They even won Distillery of the Year a few years ago by ADI. But best of all, their stuff tastes good, folks. Sorry to say, but not all craft distillers reach even that goal, and all bubbles burst. When the craft distilling boom ends, I have a great feeling that Dry Fly will be one of the few left standing. Today we look at Washington Wheat Whiskey…


SWC Group Review

Nose – Fresh wheat bread, grain. Light all around, but butterscotch and toffee underneath. Light green fruit.

Taste – Mellow, wheat. Light caramel and fruit, raisin.

Finish – Medium length, buttery wheat and char oak.

Comment – Simplicity, mellow wheat flavors a plus, lack of strength and vigor a negative. Relaxed, pleasant drink.

SWC  Rating- 78/100

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    1. Dry Fly Washington Wheat is a good purchase. Although their cask strength is where it’s at when it comes to the wheat. Lot 40 is an all around finer whiskey, but a one time buy is warranted in my view.


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