Tullamore Dew Review


Our group has sought out tasting whiskies that people are actually drinking. It’s a populist strategy. A club for the people, or something. So we try to stay in the mainstream. Tullamore Dew is one of those whiskies that you can find most anywhere, so why the hell not. It’s an Irish blended whiskey, to be exact, and a very young blend at that. Looks to be perhaps 3-4 years old.

One more thing. Every now and then, when a whiskey brand has slowing sales, they are either sold off or rebranded. This doesn’t always mean that the whisky improves, however. It may stay exactly the same. In this industry, uniquely, you can re-launch a whisky brand into record breaking sales and have it still taste like complete dung. Roughly 90% of all whisky sales are procured by buyers for the one intended purpose of getting absolutely bombed. Therefore, most of whisky sales do not necessarily depend on taste, it’s more about effect. Tullamore Dew is currently going through a rebranding. They launched an admittedly strong ad campaign and social media blitz to reintroduce the brand to the thirsty public. They even redesigned the labels on the bottles. Did the whiskey get better? Read on…

SWC Group Review

Nose– Some grain sweetness. Some light fruit. But now the bad news: metallic, chemical, rubbing alcohol.

Taste– Simple blandness with a bit of spice, vanilla, floral. No character.

Finish– Flat, short finish. Hints of…nothing.

Comment– There are worse whiskies out there. The taste is the only bright spot, however dull it may be. Doesn’t quite match up with the flair and strength of their brand re-launch campaign. Pass.

Rating- 71/100

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