Redbreast 12 Year Old Single Pot Still Review


Admittedly, we had high expectations for this one. A full bodied, full flavored Irish whiskey is about as sexy as they come, and even more so when it stands out among the rest. Today we look at Redbreast 12yr Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey, quite unique among the other bottles on the shelf.

Firstly, a note about how it is distilled. Quite a few Irish whiskies are blends, meaning a combination of multiple whiskies both malted and unmalted with differing distillation are thrown together in one bottle. Others are actual single malts, but not often. Redbreast 12 is distilled from malted barley, with a small amount of unmalted barely in a single pot still. Most grain whiskies today are distilled using a continuous or column still with the occasional pot still whiskey vatted together.

Pot distilled whiskies are considered more flavorful and possess more character. Redbreast 12 is certainly within this category. Primarily aged in American oak with Oloroso sherry oak, along with the pot still style produced, we certainly are expecting something with some personality. Read on for our opinion.

SWC Group Review

Nose – Vanilla, spice, sherry sweetness. A floral quality with some light honey. Deep and complex with a small cola note.

Taste – Sweet grain with a thick mouth feel. Vanilla, fruity and creamy. Liquorice.

Finish – Burst of fruit n’ spice, long and full, vanilla. Amazing.

Comment – Complex and rich, classic offering of Irish Pot Still. Excellent

SWC Rating- 85/100


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