Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 Year Old Review


We come now to that old chestnut known as Johnnie Walker Black Blended Scotch Whiskey. In the world of blends, no one really comes close to the Johnnie Walker brand. Not even barely. Black in particular, along with Red, for the most part, can be found absolutely everywhere. Even most airlines at least stock them in plentiful form. A few points of insight before we dive in…

Not just the brand, but the category of blended Scotch is monstrous. About 90% of whisky production is devoted to supplying the blends. Blends started their dominance globally in the mid 19th century with the brand names themselves becoming market drivers for the first time. Right around this time, grocery merchants bought malt whiskies and started blending them together, then slapping their name on the bottle as a mark of guaranteed quality. They have enjoyed incredible success since then as a global force in the marketplace.

Black is a blend of about 40 different malts and grain whiskies with the youngest being 12 years old. Is the taste as iconic as the brand? The SWC courageously takes this task on for you….


SWC Group Review

Nose -Through the gentle peat, citrus peel, light honey, vanilla. Hint of fruit. There is a calm feel to this nose but still enjoyable.

Taste – Sweet vanilla, cinnamon, smooth. Incredible on the palate.

Finish– Smoke on front, drying, a bit short.

Comment– Enjoyable, great blend. Good balance of flavors with peaty foundation.

SWC Rating- 81/100


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