Bushmills Irish Whiskey Review

Here’s another obligatory review of a widely available whiskey from a worldwide brand. Can’t ignore this one, even if we are frightened of what’s in the bottle.

Bushmills Original Blended Irish Whiskey hails from a very old Irish distillery. They even claim to have been first distillery in the world (licensed to operate in 1608). That’s quite a ways back with a lot of tradition to stand on. Our review today focuses on Bushmills standard offering, available virtually everywhere.  A few insights for you…

Bushmills likes to triple distill their whiskey to make for a more light and delicate experience. A high percentage of first fill (filled before with bourbon) casks age this distillate for about 4 years before bottling. This explains the decidedly pale, unimposing color of Bushmills. Let’s see how it holds up to a careful examination…

 SWC Group Review

Nose – Very young, perfumy, lightly sweet, grainy and simple.

Taste – Light, some honey sweetness, pretty boring.

Finish – Faint smoke. Short, grainy and fading.

Comment – Bland, too young, lacking character. Forgettable.

SWC Rating- 68/100

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