Johnnie Walker Gold Label 18 Year Old Review

Keep walking, as they say. Few brands in the industry have what Johnnie Walker has. Diageo, the owners, could put turpentine in the bottles and we would still buy it and drink it. Johnnie Walker Black is the flagship bottling at 12yrs old, Green is 16yrs old, Gold Label is 18 years old and of course, the ever popular Blue Label stands on the top. Today, we look at Gold.

The gorgeous bottle, luxury branding and target demographic make this selection a bit of prestige buy. If someone finds this lurking in your cabinet they make think of you as an unmistakably important man. If that’s your thing, go for it. But our question is, is it worth the hefty $80 dollar price tag and hype? The intrepid reviewers of the SWC submit our opinion to you…

SWC Group Review

Nose – Subtle, gentle peat, sweet grain. Light fruit, hint of vanilla.

Taste – Creamy, smooth, balance of sweet and dry. Oaky.

Finish – Medium to long. Peat, oak.

Comment – Honestly, a letdown for the price and brand message. In terms of taste, there is nothing wrong here. In terms of hype, not quite up to par. If liquor cabinet prestige is your thing, we recommend it.

SWC Rating- 79/100

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