Colonel E.H. Taylor Single Barrel Review

brbon_eht4We continue our look at the Colonel’s line of whiskies from Buffalo Trace Distillery. We will not recount the painstakingly researched historical details concerning E.H. Taylor’s comically absurd life covered in our review of the small batch (click here for that), so we hope you are not turned off by banality. For slightly less banality, keep reading.

Colonel EH Taylor Single Barrel is made form BT’s Mash bill #1. While the grain proportions are not known, what can be known is the rye flavoring grain is below 10%. This mash bill is shared by other BT brands such as Buffalo Trace, Eagle Rare, and Stagg Jr., so the question is raised: why bottle it yet again? The Single Barrel designation may provide the answer, as selecting a single barrel provides a unique flavor opportunity. That being said, Eagle Rare is a single barrel and only about a year younger, and costs around $30. The ghost of EH Taylor is charging around $60 to $70 for this one. Are the barrels from Warehouse C THAT good? Maybe so. But premium pricing has little to do with what’s in the bottle. Just one man’s opinion.

Today’s single barrel is aged for 11 years 8 months and is bottled in bond at 50% ABV, always appreciated. Kentucky straight from one coopered barrel, we eagerly pursue evaluation. On to it…

SWC Review

Nose- Clean BT flavor profile, un-mistakable. Buttery oak. Grape soda. Vanilla with slight rye hint. Caramel and heat. Mint. Chocolate. Cornbread.

Taste- Blackberry and oak. Sweet. Light cherry with some nice viscosity. Cinnamon. Cranberry.

Finish- Quite satisfying. Oaky tones. Light vanilla and jolly rancher candies. Peppery.

Comment- Despite some hesitation from the price, we always seem to like BT’s flavor profile. They retain classic bourbon notes with some unique touches. Recommended.

SWC Rating- 87/100

Agree? Disagree? We shall receive your opinion with loving care.

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