Dry Fly Cask Strength Wheat Port Finish – Total Wine & More Exclusive Review

DSC_4822It seems that every time I sashay into a local Total Wine and More here in Spokane I find some new, out of no-where Dry Fly product showing up on the shelf. This pleasant reality, along with the fact that most of their products are now older and possess a higher ABV, means that I need to get to work and update our war chest of reviews. I’m simply tickled pink that my most recent discovery is of a new cask strength wheat but finished in port casks. We were pretty gonzo about their Creel port finished version, but a 60% ABV wheat whiskey with port finishing? You can take that bet to the bank, cash it and buy yourself something nice with it.

However, this new wheat offering is exclusive only to Total Wine and More with a limited number of bottlings. At the time of this writing, the good folks over at Dry Fly have one barrel remaining, and if my math is correct that is only an additional 250 bottles along with whatever inventory is still on the shelves. So in other words, go and get it NOW. Dry Fly has a number of specialty whiskeys made in mind for exclusive bottlings, so expect more in the future if you cannot get your hands on this one. A few particulars on the makeup…

The whiskey itself is their standard 100% Washington wheat grain aged for three years in new American oak barrels. After this maturation period it is then filled in casks that previously held port wine from Kestrel Vintners and is aged a further eight months. Kestrel is a Yakima valley based winery that produced this particular wine from the traditional Portuguese grape varietals of Tinta Roriz and Souzao. The winemaker tasting notes on this wine included the phrase “brandy soaked fruit cake,” and once you try today’s selection, I think you may taste the parallel. On to it….

SWC Review

Nose– Big and sweet. Mile wide river of caramel and toffee candies. Thick and rich. Cinnamon roll. Perfumed floral notes with rosewater. Seasoned oak with spice cabinet. Brandy, of course.

Taste- Port is most pronounced here with a brandy like feel. Savory wheat croissant. Oily, chewy and viscous. ABV is hidden quite well here, but a dash of water is helpful.

Finish- Fruit explosion of port flourishes – dark cherry, blackberry, red apple. Barrel char underneath. Very satisfying.

Comments- Bloody fantastic. Very balanced finishing with house character of Dry Fly retained. A whiskey that demands and rewards your undivided attention. Highly recommended.

Jim’s Rating – 91/100


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  1. Total Wine now has a cask strength PEATED port finish. I guess it’s Dry Fly’s first peated product. Might be a fun review.


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