Evan Williams Bottled in Bond Review

10630611Some time ago another club member and I were prepping work on a “Best Bourbons under $20” project that would surely sweep the interwebs by storm and propel us into the stratosphere of whiskey blogging. While I am sterling certain that our popularity will be irresistible, the project probably stays in the hopper for the time being. For one, I find that these endless “Best Value Whiskeys” or “Holiday Bottle Picks” blog posts really don’t offer much in terms of usefulness or staying power. They bring clicks to your site, yes, which is why they are posted, but I like to write what I like to read: something interesting. Secondly, I’m sure either Old Forester or Evan Williams would win anyway. We took care of Old Forester a few months ago to fine results, and now we look to Evan Williams Bottled in Bond. We will save a proper introduction to the storied Evan Williams brand for when we review Black Label eventually, so  just a few particulars for you today on “White Label.”

Evan Williams Bottled in Bond is basically Black Label but bottled at 50% ABV, per the regulations required for bonded whiskies (explained here in our review of Rittenhouse Rye). Distilled by Heaven Hill Distillery, the Evan Williams brand is the 2nd best-selling Kentucky straight bourbon behind Jim Beam White. Years ago Evan Williams was aged for 7 years, and information is scarce on its age today, we just know it is less. Sorry I can’t be more helpful. Mash bill is 78% corn, 12% rye, 10% malted barley. While Black Label is pretty much everywhere, White Label is not, and its a shame since it is only $2 more per bottle. Now THAT’s a value bourbon, if you’re looking for that kind of blog post. Let’s get to it….


SWC Review

Nose- Corn bread and vanilla. Black pepper, cocoa and some sharp ethanol. Clove and nutmeg. With time maple bar (hello) and cake.

Taste- Repeat of nose. Some viscosity and a slight sour feel.

Finish- Short. Barrel char and burnt caramel. Minty and drying.

Comments- Can’t complain much for a bottle that cost me $13.99. Best bourbon for the money you can find in an ash tray (thanks, Mr. Gray). Straight forward and simple. Go for it!

SWC Rating – 78/100


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  1. Evan Williams BiB is the best choice of the economical price range if you’re looking for something on the spicy and vibrant side of the bourbon taste spectrum. I like it best during those cold winter nights.


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