Writer’s Tears Irish Whiskey Review

“Alcohol makes other people less tedious, and food less bland, and can help provide what the Greeks called entheos, or the slight buzz of inspiration when reading or writing.”

This claim, made by one of the great writer/drinkers of recent times, Christopher Hitchens, may get a few things right when it comes to the value of alcohol. The third claim, however enticing to try, is perhaps the hardest to prove when you’re not someone as skilled as Hitchens. For the rest of us, we most likely will blow straight past this crucial point of inspiration to a state of, say, lit up-ness. We sure can at least try to find that rare spark of creativity with bottles such as Writer’s Tears Pot Still Blended Irish Whiskey.

The Irish whiskey distilling scene has been largely shaped by Cooley, Bushmills and Midleton distilleries, producing the vast majority of Ireland’s whiskey. However in recent years, much like in the states, small independent distilleries are popping up everywhere, although not with the numbers we in the US enjoy. In 1999, Bernard and Rosemary Walsh started the Walsh Whiskey Distillery Company primarily as independent bottlers of whiskey stock. They are now however breaking ground on a new facility and aim to become the biggest independent producer of Irish whiskey in the country. First came their brand The Irishman, then in 2009 came the new blend called Writer’s Tears. This brand is inspired by the period of time when the column still came along in Dublin, yet the pot still style whiskey being preferred among Irish writers, writers such as James Joyce. Or, this is all some tongue in cheek jab at writers being prone to alcoholism. I prefer to embrace both.

Writer’s Tears is a blend of Irish pot still and single malt whiskies, and is considered a “Pot Still Blend,” unique among Irish whiskey. Bottled at 40% and thank heavens non chill filtered, Writer’s Tears presents itself as a full bodied, triple distilled offering. Let’s see how it goes.


SWC Group Review

Nose- Big grain, straw and sweet floral notes. Honey and sugary raisins. Bran. Light tobacco. Classic, full Irish.

Taste- Wonderful continuation of the nose. Sweet, viscous with crossaint.

Finish- Honey punch and clean. Medium length. Ends with some tobacco notes. Lingering.

Comment- Nice flavor level considering triple distillation. Very drinkable, enjoyable delights here. Looking forward to the next bottle.

SWC Rating – 84/100

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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. Just found out WT is a big seller in Canada. I believe it’s time for a 2 hour road trip.


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